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American Stasi; Targeting Americans

American Stasi; Targeting Americans

Organized Stalking & Persecution

American Stasi-Gang Stalking

My name is Robert Polsky and I have been a Targeted Individual since summer of 2010.  I am being pursued as an Enemy Combatant, though I have no criminal history or criminal intent. The Targeting started, while I was living abroad.

I’ve determined that I’m being pursued as an Enemy Combatant for Thought Crimes, resulting from some Vietnam war photos I had posted on the CIA Alex Jones (dis) website. His producer, Rob Dew had emailed me, asking if I had any more of the Vietnam War Museum photos, saying “one of his writers wanted to do a project with them”. I have been Targeted ever since and Jones & Co. turned their back on me, when I came to him as whistle blower, though I had been a long time member-listener. I wasn’t supposed to live this long!

I have been amazed and disappointed to realize that most, if not all of the big names in the so-called alternative media are compromised. They talk about so much, you would never imaging. But try to get them to speak about State Sanctioned Organized Stalking and suddenly they go silent or they do as they are ordered (or paid) to do and try to make the Target out to be insane and they down-play the reality of Gang Stalking.

 I have experienced and documented would stagger that average person’s imagination.  There is a clandestine world existing right along side the world we see and think of as Real.  There is literally a Secret Army permeating society,capable of the most depraved behavior toward fellow citizens. I will be adding much more documented information; so please subscribe (upper right of this page) to this blog, as well as my Youtube channel and follow me on Twitter, so I can keep you updated.  

I had been amazing to me to observe different people’s responses, when I report on the Organized (Gang) Stalking that I have experienced.  It is so far outside of many peoples current paradigm that they just can’t conceive or don’t want to even know about it. But are we mental adults or mental children?

You will be happy to learn that the former head of the KGB (the secret police of the former Soviet Union), General Yevgeni Primakov, has been hired as a consultant by the US Department of Homeland Security. Do you think he will share his expertise in “security” to prepare US citizens for domestic internal passports under the pretense of fighting the never-ending “War on Terrorism”?

Why would Homeland Security hire former Stasi chief Markus Wolfe and former head of the KGB General Yevgeni Primakov? Is this part of the Bush anti-terror strategy? After all, Markus Wolfe is the man who is credited with building up the feared East German secret police that was responsible for the disappearance and deaths of thousands of citizens. And, Primakov’s record is not any better. As skipper of the KGB he was driving force behind the machinery of state terror; a legacy that still has a chilling effect on many Russians.

If something threatens our civil rights and freedom itself, then shouldn’t we know about and confront it head on?  There is a tendency for those who would prefer to remain in denial to just Ass-Ume that they know better and make up their own story that suits them better. They do this without doing any research or even asking me about the thousands of details. That, of course, is a form of delusion.

Sometimes having independent confirmation can be valuable for establishing credibility, especially when the subject matter borders on being “beyond belief”, even though my personal experiences proves it is real and that my documentation is meticulous.  A couple of quotes that impressed me by another Target of Organized (Gang) Stalking were posted by Mark M. Rich, M.D., Ph.D.

 State Sanctioned Organized (Gang) Stalking

Here is his letter to victims or Organized Stalking

“Dear Friend, I call you friend because if you & I were to meet face to face we would sense a special kinship & would probably know each other immediately. I know nothing about your background. I’m not aware of your personal circumstances, whether you’re young or old, male or female. I don’t know what your religious or ethnic background is. But I have an idea of the type of person you are.

You are probably very artistic & above average in intelligence. You are probably honest & live by a higher set of ideals than the general mass. You are probably a self-correcting person. You probably have not been satisfied with the knowledge you’ve received through traditional channels. You are most definitely a seeker.

Regardless of why you think you have been targeted, relatively speaking, you are probably a saint. This may be why you’ve been chosen. Your life has changed drastically. You will never look at people, or the American flag the same way again. You are directly experiencing a result of the primitive, unresolved collective-insanity, that you have heard of other historical figures running into.

By now you have probably concluded that this is the same entity that has killed people who have recognized & resisted it throughout history. Its name changes from place to place, & from time to time. It expresses itself in different ways. But it is always the same; it is large & powerful & has the minds of most people. You are face to face with it in the form of Organized Stalking. It has focused its attention on you & it will not stop.

At this point it doesn’t matter when or why it started, or what the name of the group or agency is. It would have happened anyway. You will end up jobless & Mobbed out of work. You may end up in jail or dead. You will loose friends & family. You may end up homeless, possibly living from shelter to shelter. And you will be persecuted the whole time.

I am personally not very religious, but I know evil when I see it. You are in a fight for your life against people being used by Satan. There is no more accurate way to put this. It is necessary that you document your case & survive as long as you can, to provide testimony to anyone with eyes & ears. You are not alone.”

Elsewhere he states:

“Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a persons life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide.”

“This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, & general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.”

Book by Mark M. Rich, M.D., Ph.D.

So you see, there is much precedent for what I have experienced, though it is all done in such a way to enable a person (most of the population) who is already living in a relative state of denial and delusion, to remain in denial, since all activities are designed to be “plausibly deniable”.  Thus people who would rather not know the Truth can easily Ass-Ume that the person being Targeted is delusional, exaggerating or confused, in spite of thousands of details and in my case, videos also.

My videos will prove my case with Smoking Gun undeniable Proof of not only State Sanctioned, Organized Surveillance and Stalking, but also an organized attempt to entrap me as a pedophile, though I have never been accused of any such thing and have no criminal history.

In addition, there has been a continuous effort, starting when I lived in Thailand, summer of 2010, to associate me with Middle Eastern men and women; one of these characters , an Osama bin Laden lookalike, I have documented in my first videos being released. It has become quite obvious to me that the intent of the Dark Side, if they had succeeded in telling their contrived story, before I tell you mine, was going to paint me to be a sort of Pedophile, Lone Wolf Patriot and manufacture some kind of phony Terror event, staring yours truly.

I know how far out that seems, but you look at my videos and try to figure out some other reason why there has been an organized effort to present this Osama bin Laden Body Double, as well as multiple other dark skin, bearded men, wearing black (sometimes white) headscarfs.

In fact, I say Be Ware!  It seems evident to me that the Dark Side, with the help of the totally compliant Main Stream Media, as well as some of their Controlled Opposition, Alternative Media are preparing the public to anticipate more Terrorism by scary looking bearded Middle Eastern men in black head cover.  Consider the stereo typical images we are continually being shown of the so-called rebels in Syria, who, we are being warned will be coming back to the US and Great Britain.

The people are being conditioned to live in fear of these images of Muslims that would depict people from the 1400′s more than realistic images from current times.  Our world is contrived beyond most peoples comprehension and these types of images are a part of that manufactured reality.  My videos of the Osama character should reveal to you just how the Dark Side goes about setting up a Target to be a Manufactured, Sheep Dipped Patsy.

 What every TI (Targeted Individual) Should See

This is a Christian lady. Regardless of your Faith, her point about these “Perps” having a “demonic spirit” must be considered. When I she says “you can feel them”; that is my experience. Deniers Ass U Me they know better, without any research or real consideration. Of course, they don’t know that they don’t know how to think critically. You can’t force them to do so. It’s very disheartening for the one who is being victimized, as they are victimized yet again by clueless, but well intending people.

When I say I can see or “feel” this stalking and have been documenting it, I mean just that. I don’t need the likes of Dr. Phil or anyone else to tell me what is going on in my day to day life experience, any more than you do. The fact that my daily life experience as a Targeted Individual is incredible and, in my own words “beyond belief” does not alter the fact, that it is my experience, and I know what I am talking about, just as you would be the best expert on what’s happening around you.

A Denier would argue “well couldn’t you be mistaken? After all, they don’t wear name tags; it is plausibly deniable.” And I would say, yes, if it were one or a few occasions. After a while the anomalies are no longer plausibly deniable, but one would need to have to have the capacity to consider multiple anomalies and few have that level of critical thinking skills.

The following is another excellent video that really documents the degree to which this type of program has been used to crush dissenters or otherwise Thinking People in many Fascist States.

Sometimes I marveled at the degree to which the Stasi, Gang Stalking Network were successful in recruiting veterans and even neighbors and to influence relatives.  I thought to myself, as I routinely had to dodge State Sanctioned teams of these sociopaths as they staged Theater most every time I was out and have even gone as far as to knock on my door!  I thought, “gee, I must be really a bad guy”.  I mean, agents of the State are able to recruit people to surveil and persecute me.

I had deduced that they must have contrived photos and be telling a “story” to enlist all these people.  On one occasion, when I had been driving for hours and stopped at a convenience store, where I’d never been before, and the Gang Stalker who arrived moments after I did was obvious military.  The vibe between us in that store become obvious that I knew he was one of the Schmucks (my utterly disrespectful name for all participating in OS; Organized (Gang) Stalking) and he knew that I knew.  It was like a confrontation in our body language, though no words had been spoken.  What was revealing is that when I was at the counter paying for my products, he called his child back away from me about 10 feet.  The child had gotten in line behind me, as would be typical.  This and multiple other incidence reveal that the Stalker had been told that I was a sex offender of some sort.  This video confirms that such tactics are used and how they contrive their “evidence” that the Target is a real Bad Guy!

Monarch, the new Phoenix Program

Vigilante Violence; Divide and Conquer

How Government Persecutes Whistle Blowers

Another good one I just discovered:

Zeph Daniel on Gang Stalking


I Fit the FBI Entrapment-Patsy Profile

Because of a disability I’ve been working for years to overcome, my life is very unconventional.  I’ve lived the life more of an ascetic, on the “fringe” of society.  That doesn’t make me crazy or unstable; just eccentric, perhaps.  So I fit the “profile”, aside from my Thought Crimes and the issue with the War photos, I fit the profile of the type the FBI targets for entrapment.  The one thing that’s different about me, compared to their usual “patsies” is that while I may have been temporarily down and out, I’m not stupid or mentally ill.  As a result, the Hunted became the Hunter.  And I have documented countless of these Crimes Against Humanity, as these State Sanctioned Imbeciles go about their antics, attempting to entice me with children and other intended sex objects.
Please see my video:

Using Children, and Middle Eastern Men; Stasi Gang Stalking Entrapment


 FBI Entrapment Strategy

Stasi Gang Stalking Report from5-1-14

Stasi Gang Stalking Report from5-1-14

Stasi Gang Stalking, Street Theater


I went out today for the first time in two days at 5:50 PM.  I live at the corner of 23rd St. and N. Dixie Hwy. in West Palm Beach, Florida.  As I crossed North Dixie from my apartment, which is located at the southeast corner of North Dixie and 23rd St., there was a white guy with backpack coming from Northwood Road and walking south on the west side of North Dixie, so he would be coming face-to-face with me, as I headed towards 23rd St., which is my routine, as I go to the Northwood store.

The Northwood Store is where I have recorded the Osama bin Laden look-alike who admitted to being from Afghanistan and, also working for the private security firm that is engaged in the Gang Stalking.  He was attempting to make contact and infiltrate my life, to associate me with scary looking bearded Middle Eastern men with long black headscarfs.  This white guy with backpack walking towards me on the sidewalk, he would have been staged theater.  This is just based on what I know, my intuition, my experience.  I’m just telling you what I know.  Believe it or don’t.

I turned left on 23rd St. and thereby avoided coming face-to-face with the stud white guy and there was a white woman in solid black clothing with blonde hair.  I figured she would meet me in the Northwood store.  She did not, but, all things considered, she was also staged.  That was Theater.  This road is generally empty, and my sense is that that was contrived.

As I walked up 23rd St., there was also a well-dressed black men getting out of a convertible Porsche.  There is a church on the left side of 23rd St.  It all seems plausibly deniable, of course, but all things considered, knowing how the Schmucks think I’m into black men and they have used Porches on multiple occasions as Props, also.

You see, the way it works, is that they observe me everywhere I go.  I was at a relative’s and we were outside admiring someone’s hot Porche that was there visiting.  After that, same as with the skateboard “prop”, then suddenly they skateboard and Porches are presented regularly as part of the contrived encounters with Stasi Goons.  This is your tax dollars at work. Doesn’t it make you feel Wonderful!

Inside the store, there was a black man already standing at the counter.  I look at anomalies.  This man left, and then while I was at the counters came back.  He seemed to want something from the clerk, who is also working for the Schmucks.  At first I didn’t consider that this was theater, but then as he left for the second time he said “goodbye pervert.”   At first I thought he was saying it to the clerk, and I guess if I had confronted him, he could have said that he was.

I have published a video that documents the reality of the Stasi Schmucks attempting to set me up as a pedophile.  I have also included links to a video which speaks about how the FBI has a program of doing exactly that.  I know what I’m talking about!  However, it is difficult for some to grasp.  It is easy for someone to accuse and to assume.  So now that I have come out with his video which features me with some children in appropriate settings, perhaps they are pulling out all stops to attempt to make me out to be a pedophile, or just to “rattle” me in whatever way possible?

This really is a showdown.  They have been attempting to break me, in whatever way possible.  I’m getting very little support, in spite of my multiple efforts to reach out to bloggers, media and the like.  But as I have stated elsewhere, it seems that there has been some kind of a spiritual transformation, in that I am not allowing it to destroy me mentally.  So I literally live with teams of sociopathic MFs attempting to get to me in whatever way possible.  I sent a tweet today about the most recent prank phone call that they made.  I guess they don’t know what to do with the fact that I am now publishing every criminal act that they perpetrate.

So when I went out today, there was what I’ve already described, and in addition, as I was leaving the Northwood store, a black man pulled up on a bicycle and had his phone out texting as I arrived.  As I walked past him, he with the phone to his ear as if making a call.  This is typical of the Gang Stalkers.

I did not walked down Northwood Street, which surely would be a staging ground.  There is the one shop, that used be an art store.  However, now, they have lounge couches and chairs outside blocking the sidewalk, which would be very enticing to stop and visit and hang out.  However, based on my experience, I know that this is staged, and there is the pretty boy, who has revealed himself on multiple occasions that this is a CIA, FBI Stasi operation.  I do not socialize anywhere.  And this is a crime against humanity.  The reason I do not socializes purely because I’m targeted anytime and anyplace I am available to the Schmucks to engage in their Theater.

So as I walked out the door.  I countered one of their Schmucks, a typical black man on bicycle.  I walked down 23rd St., East towards N. Dixie Hwy., and as I reached the intersection, a commonplace for Staging, sure enough, there was a bald black man a few feet to my right on the sidewalk on the west side of N. Dixie Hwy. coming from the south.  He was carrying a shoulder bag, which is a common prop they use, since the CIA-FBI mercenaries who stalked me while I was in Thailand observe me with a shoulder bag, this is the pathetic attempts to use And NLP “match” me.  So here’s this bald black dude that met me at the corner with perfect synchronicity, as is typical with the Stasi-gang stalking.

Figuring that was probably contrived, I turned and watched the man from behind as he walked west on 23rd St..  Sure enough, he inconspicuously pulled something from his right front pocket.  I suggest that I know exactly what it was; he pulled the phone out, pushed one button and put it back in his pocket, all very inconspicuous.  I have seen it hundreds of times.  They checked the time at first and last contact and at last contact.  In other words after they have made contact and now are losing contact with me, then they will send a text message.  Very often at first contact, they are also sending a text message.

Then there were a couple of women walking west on North Dixie right in front of my apartment building and there was a black men on bicycle.  There was some drama that was happening between the two of them.  It was probably staged, but I don’t know what angle they were working?  This woman was emotional and angry and it appeared to be some kind of big argument between the two of them.  I was motioning to the woman to stand back, because it appeared she might walk in front of the traffic.  She was very hysterical.

So what are the odds?  Right as I reach my intersection across from my building.  There are these two women and some black man and some hysterical scene just as I arrived.  And of course, just as the bald black man with shoulder bag, which is typical of the Stasi-Schmucks carrying their prop which they have used for years now in their attempts to infiltrate my life.  And this includes on the airplane coming from Thailand, but we won’t get into that right now.

Lastly, there was a bald black man in the little park in front of my apartment building, just standing around, doing nothing, as if he didn’t know what he was doing, but he was having a smoke, which is a “prop” that they have used repeatedly in their attempts to entice me.  He was standing in front of my building, as I arrived back to my building and entered into my apartment.  This was the “theater” that I’m aware of.  It is usually far more than one can even take in.  And if you say “that’s just beyond belief”;  “that’s incredible”, I would agree with you and yet I’m telling you what I have learned over years is really going on.

If you ask yourself just how much money and resources are used when the CIA is attempting to overthrow the government or whatever other dastardly deeds they may be involved in, just think about the resources, the number of people that they have recruited and whom are on the payroll.  Well, it is similar.  And some people seem to need that I would explain to them how and why I’m being targeted before they can take in what I’m telling them.  Well, first of all, the facts are the facts and I report the facts and the facts are that there is a state sanctioned organized effort to both surveilled stalking persecute me as well as to associate me with Middle Eastern men or women.  There is a Secret Team.  A secret army and this is who I’m dealing with.  You want to talk about pressure and intimidation!  This is what I’m living with!

Is this all my imagination?  Well you better hope that it is!  Because if it’s not, then I know exactly what I’m talking about in the United States is a Stasi Banana Republic, a Fascist Regime.  I’m sorry to say, there is No Democracy, it is a Fascist State.  And if you hate me for telling you the truth, well, I’m sorry.  We all better grow up mentally, because what is is and denying it doesn’t make it go away.

You see, of course, my being a targeted individual, the object of the Stasi-Schmucks Squad is to keep me isolated, to where cannot reach out.  To make this just “go away”, without anyone ever knowing it ever happened.  They are engaged in aggressive persecution of American Citizens, but you’re not supposed to know!